5 Ways to Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Preventing Indoor Air Pollution

San Antonio Air FiltrationAlthough indoor air pollution is invisible, its effects are definitely able to be seen.

Low indoor air quality causes difficulty with breathing, clogged air vents and a rise in allergies, among other things. Here are five ways that you can prevent indoor air pollution.

Check the insulation on all doors and windows.

A great deal of indoor air pollution comes from outside. Your doors and windows may shift during extreme changes in weather. Check their insulation to make sure that you are protected from outdoor elements.

Have your HVAC system cleaned regularly.

It is par for the course to accumulate dust and grime in your HVAC system over time; the entire point of the system is to catch it to keep it from entering your home. However, you must have the system cleaned routinely in order to prevent overload.

Ventilate your home.

Air pollution can also come from indoors as well. If you use hair spray or cook a great deal, you are letting loose pollutants in your air that need to be let out of the home. Make sure that the flue damper is open before you use the fireplace for an extended period of time.

Wash the pollutants away.San Antonio Air Quality

Wash your dirty laundry in hot water if there is a great deal of pollen around your home. This will get rid of the allergens that can create a huge problem once they get inside. Vacuum often, especially if you have pets.

Dust around the areas of the home that see a great deal of attention, and be sure to vacuum the particles out of the air once you have loosed them from the walls and the ceiling. If they are floating in the air once you dust, you have actually made the situation worse!

Take the time to fully eliminate bad odors.

You have a nose for a reason – bad smells usually mean that your air is polluted in one way or another. Find the source of bad smells and eliminate them rather than simply masking the odor with sprays and scents.

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