9 Steps to Follow When Cleaning a Furnace or Heat Pump

January 12, 2022

Cleaning the furnace is a significant component of a home maintenance project. A dirty furnace or heat pump is less effective and consumes a lot of energy. Cleaning it well lengthens its lifespan, prevents regular costly repairs, and lowers the utility bill. Here are the steps to follow when cleaning the heating and cooling system of a residential or commercial property. 1. Shut Down the Heating and Cooling System Always ensure that the fuel system and electrical power are off before you start cleaning your furnace. Failure to turn them off can lead to electrocution and serious injuries. You can find the red power switchplate near the burner or on the cellar stairs. The fuel shutoff valve is near the incoming gas pipe or oil tank. 2. Clean the Combustion Chamber The combustion chamber is likely to accumulate a lot of dirt because it provides a space for the fuel to mix with adequate air and ignite to generate heat. This process also leads to the excretion of carbon dioxide, soot, and water vapor that can corrode the chamber walls if they build up. Use a small wire brush to scrape the dirt or an industrial shop vacuum to remove...

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