Stop Overpaying for a Comfortable Home

San Antonio Energy EfficiencyAs the cost of energy is constantly rising, it’s necessary to strategize on the best way possible to ensure that you save on your cooling bills. Highlighted below are some of the ways in which you’ll save on cooling costs in your home.

Buy a High Efficiency AC System

If your HVAC is over 10 years, you should think of getting a new one and replace it. Your old system may be spitting out cool air, hence requiring a lot of energy to cool the room. In this case, it’s not efficient enough to offer the required services. You should consider installing “green” energy unit that has a combination of geothermal cooling system.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

To achieve greater results in your house, it’s necessary to install a programmable thermostat. This system has capacity to save on cooling bills without sacrificing your comfort. The units have settings which you can program depending on the time. You can set them to go higher while you’re at work or sleeping or lower them while at home. As such, the unit will consume energy depending on the settings.

Keep your Thermostat Set Higher

This is another excellent way to save air conditioning bills in your home. When you keep thermostat set higher for about 80 degrees, then your HVAC system will not utilize a lot of energy hence lowering your bills. Furthermore, ensure its set even higher when nobody is at home.

Use an Attic Fan

You can decide to support your HVAC system by installing attic fan. This is a great and perfect companion for your cooling system. The attic fan will keep the upper floor rooms cool therefore reducing the work load on your AC system. As a result, your energy bill will be reduced while at the same time upstairs room would be more comfortable.

Service HVAC System

Regular maintenance service on your HVAC system is needed to keep it at full operation capacity. Many people fail to perform routine service on their systems. Due to busy schedule, people don’t remember to contact service providers to offer maintenance to their systems. As a result, the system may fail to operate to its capacity, hence low efficiency. This would eventually lead to higher cooling costs. Therefore, it’s crucial to have your system serviced on regular intervals to ensure its operating at full efficiency and reduce the cost of cooling.

There are several companies dealing in HVAC units in your area, and you should seek their services whenever your systems are not functioning properly. They are professionals in this field and will serve you appropriately depending on your needs. They have expert technicians who can install, service and repair your systems at any time.

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