Read This Before Your Next Furnace Purchase

When it comes to installing a heating system in a home, bigger is not always better and smaller will not save on energy costs. It is essential to choose a furnace system that is proportionately sized to the home. More power will not keep your home warmer. It will have the opposite effect. Let’s discuss why.

Oversize Systems

A furnace system that is oversized will tend to have short cycles, as the furnace will release heat for a much larger area. The small area will heat up and cool off quicker and trigger the furnace on more often. This will result in quick temperature fluctuations and increase the amount of energy used. The constant on and off will cause the heat exchanger to work overtime and result in furnace failure at the worst possible time.

A furnace system that is sized appropriately will stay on for longer periods of time and warm the home gradually rather than quickly. The temperature is then maintained over a longer time span without the furnace turning on and off in quick succession.

Undersize Systems

A furnace system that is not large enough to properly heat the home will leave the plumbing vulnerable to freezing. If that happens, the homeowner will have other problems, as well as expenses along with inconvenience of compromised plumbing to contend with if the plumbing bursts.

Operating a furnace system that is sized appropriately for a home will save on energy costs. It will also keep the home consistently comfortable.

Sizing the System

Before installing a furnace heating system, always consult a heating professional. They will calculate the right size furnish based on room size, window size and location and orientation of the home. The calculations will reveal potential heat loss values. The heating system professional will be able to choose a heating system to offset the heat loss values.

Dangers of the Wrong Size Furnace

San Antonio FurnanceInstalling a furnace system that is not sized properly cannot be modified to be made size appropriate. Modifying the furnace will void the warranty and leave the homeowner open to absorbing repair costs should the furnace malfunction or fail altogether. A furnace that is modified will not operate with the same level of efficiency as it should and will compromise comfort. The modified furnace will not save on energy costs if it is downsized.

There is also the danger of a modified furnace being prone to carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can escape into the interior of the home with deadly results.

When considering a furnace whether it is to replace an existing furnace or one installed for a brand new home, it is essential the heating contractor perform the necessary calculations to size the furnace appropriately. If they do not perform the necessary calculations, the heating contracting is most likely making a best guess. A best guess is not always the right, or the appropriate answer.

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