Keep Track of Your Gas Pressure


San Antonio HeatingOften times a lot of things go unnoticed when we don’t really check on things as we should do to neglect. Your heating system is extremely important in giving your home a certain temperature that’s comfortable. It’s imperative you do regular checks to make sure the gas pressure is just right for your heating system. Not sure why you should take this extra step? Here are some reasons below:

Check your water levels

Before even checking the gas pressure itself. You should see the water levels in the feed tank. Learn how to adjust the levels and see the accuracy of the reading. Add more water as needed to get it to the right marking.
This is a preliminary maintenance task you should become familiar with as you begin to test your unit for proper functionality. Most water pressure units are in the basement. Find out from your water provider where to look to do your own self-check.

Raise the Temperatures

This is another good way of checking the gas pressures because you can hear the sounds of the pipes as it responds to the change in temperature. Just raise the temperature a few degrees more and let the pressure kind of build up.
If you hear sounds that are a bit off, you may actually be losing pressure in the pipes. This has a profound effect on your water temperature. Imagine waking up to an ice cold shower when it should be hot. Talk about a frigid wake-up call.

Keep an Eye On Your Pressure Gauge

First of all, remove the excess air in the pressure gauge. Then turn off the water intake and turn down the boiler temperature. From that point on, let your system build pressure for 30 minutes to help the system level out for a better test. It’s very important to check the pressure so your sinks and showers work efficiently. San Antonio Heating

It’s important to periodically check out your gas pressure in case of any mishaps with your sink and shower. Water pressure should be set a certain way for performance. Also, the temperature should match as well to ensure that the faucets or spouts pump out water properly.

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