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    If you are considering HVAC Contractors in Alamo Heights, TX, we at Rosenberg Indoor Comfort are dependable and experienced. It is important to choose one of the most trusted San Antonio area Commercial HVAC Companies to depend upon for all your heating and cooling needs.

    Heating and cooling systems that are not operating at their peak can be a cash drain on your enterprise. That can happen when they are not properly maintained, are not correctly sized for your facility or are nearing their end of service life.

    Regular maintenance can keep your comfort systems running at their best. This saves on energy costs, down time, and repair costs all brought on due to a straining system. During regular maintenance, we apprise you on the current state of your comfort systems and address needful repairs.

    Trusted HVAC Contractors in Alamo Heights

    If your air conditioning or heating unit is nearing the end of service, the good news is that the newer units sold today will likely have a higher energy-efficiency rating than your current unit. Factoring in the cost savings on energy throughout the year, you will be able to recoup the cost of the unit over time. Air conditioning units with higher SEER ratings will save you money on electricity in the warm months.

    These units have variable-speed blowers and either variable-speed or dual-speed compressors. Your old unit likely has only one speed. It is either on “high” or “off.” These new units at the higher SEER ratings save money by coming on at “high,” cooling the room and then cycling to “low.”

    There are some signs that a heating or air conditioning unit is in need of repair or replacement:
    • Frequent breakdowns
    • Service years at 20 or more
    • Frequent cycling
    • Strange sounds or odors
    • Higher energy costs

    Not all of these factors mean that replacement of your unit is in order. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, let us know. Small issues, like a belt that is not properly tight or a failed capacitor, can put strain on other parts of the system.

    Top Among Commercial HVAC Companies

    At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort, we’re rated as a top HVAC contractor in the country according to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. They named us Residential Contractor of the Year. All our technicians are NATE-certified, and we provide emergency repair services. We work on all makes and models of heating and cooling systems. Our team provides heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and installations for both residential and commercial clients. The Better Business Bureau also accredited us and gave credence to our dependability and honesty with a rating of A+. We have also received the Angi Super Service Award quite a number of years.

    Call us at Rosenberg Indoor Comfort for all of your needs related to commercial HVAC companies in Alamo Heights. We dependably keep our neighbor businesses comfortable year-round.