Humidify Your Home for Excellent Health

You may not realize how beneficial a humidifier is during the dry winter air when atmospheric humidity levels are low and air drying heating systems are in use.

San Antonio Humidifier InstallationWorst Personal Annoyances

Do you or your family members suffer from dry and itchy skin, cramped muscles, scratchy throat, stuffed nose, “cotton mouth”, dry and cracked lips, limp or frizzy hair, old-looking and wrinkly hands, and other similar problems?

Even more important, dry air can lead to dry nostrils and thus to nose bleeds, headaches, sinusitis, respiratory infections, eczema, colds, flu, and a worsening of allergy and asthma complaints. A humidifier does not prevent these ailments, but it can reduce the risks and help alleviate the symptoms.

Why do we dry out?

Your skin and lips dry out in winter because extra moisture leaves your body by evaporation because of a combination of cold wind outside and dry air inside.

Hot showers and rubbing with non-fluffy and rough towels may remove the oily layer in your skin and lead to dryness and itchiness. Dab instead with a soft towel.

Dried-out skin has more wrinkles, so proper indoor humidity hydrates your skin and makes it appear healthy and less wrinkly.

Even your precious possessions could be damaged

Ideal humidity levels will protect your items and the interior of your home from the devastation of dry air.

Extremely dry air can result in furniture’s veneer loosening, wallpaper peeling, paint cracking, damage to musical instruments, wood flooring drying out and cracking, wood furniture to crack and split, or cause other expensive occurrences.

A humidifier can help keep your clothes static free and stop “electric shocks” when you touch electronics, door knobs, and other surfaces.

How much humidity is needed?

Healthy skin needs a minimum of 30 to 50 percent relative humidity. You can monitor rH with a humidity gauge that is normally built into a modern humidifier.

Maintaining the ideal humidity level creates one of the most overlooked preventative measures against getting sick. It also helps babies and everyone sleep better.

A well-known benefit of a humidifier is snoring relief and being able to sleep better. Due to the humidity moisturizing the respiratory system and mucus membranes, the loudness and intensity of snoring may be greatly reduced.

Increasing humidity to proper levels will make you feel warmer at the same temperature, which could lead to lower heating bills and saving money. The colder you feel in the winter, the more likely you are to run your furnace. The warmer you feel, the less likely you are to run it.

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