Geothermal Heating 101

How Does Geothermal Heating Work? What are it’s Benefits?

Considering the emphasis put on solar energy, you would be surprised to find that a solution to the ever rising San Antonio utility bills is buried deep underground. Appropriate geothermal heating pumps provide quiet and clean heating. The effectiveness of these pumps helps to cut down on utility bills by about 70%.

San Antonio, TX Geothermal Heating ServicesHow the Pumps Work

Geothermal pump operates like a convectional heat pump. It uses high-pressure refrigerant to collect and move heat. The only difference between a geothermal pump and a convectional pump is that a convectional pump gathers its heat and get rid of it.

A geothermal system in contrary moves heat through long loops of pipes filled with liquid. These pipes are normally buried in the ground.

Geothermal Heating Efficiency

It is proven that if you go far enough underground, the temperature will remain at 50 degrees regardless of the temperature outside. A geothermal system can extract and discharge heat via the 50-degree liquid moving in the underground pipe loop.

Therefore, a geothermal system only requires about 1KWh of electric power to produce about 12000 Btu of cooling and heating. A normal heat pump will consume approximately 2KWh to produce an equal number of Btu.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating

Lower Operational Cost

It takes one unit of electrical energy to produce four units of energy with a geothermal system. The major principle of this system is that it only transfer heat but not generating heat by burning fuel. The system lowers electricity bills by 70%.

Environmental Impact

The geothermal heating system is recognized as the most environmentally friendly method of heating a house. Unlike other systems, geothermal heating does not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or other gases that are recognized to contribute to air quality pollution.

Quiet Operation

It is obvious you would not like to live in a noisy environment. Therefore, a geothermal heating system should be your choice. There is no outdoor unit as opposed to heat pumps and air conditioners. The geothermal unit operation is quiet and smooth, comparable to a refrigeration unit, which means you can maintain a quiet, peaceful San Antonio home inside and out.

The entire operation is clean with no hazardous emissions. The system requires minimal maintenance cost making it more cost effective. Installing a geothermal heat pump for cooling or heating in your home may also attract some tax benefits.

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