Furnace Issues & Resolutions

Typically as a furnace ages it begins to use more and more oil. It might not be something that is noticeable to those sitting inside and enjoying the heat that it is creating, although careful inspection of the quantity of oil used might reveal a different set of facts.

The efficiency of any furnace begins to degrade with age causing money that might be spent on any repairs or replacement to be burned up in the form of oil. Having an expert HVAC serviceman come to your residence to inspect your furnace can allow them to make any recommendations about any maintenance or repairs that need to be done.

The times during the year when the furnace is not actively in use are the best times to make service calls. It’s best not to wait until you need the unit for heating purpose only to find out that its malfunctioning or in worst case scenario not working at all. Fortunately for many people even if they have problems during the colder season it’s not as if they are going to freeze to death. It is merely a recommendation to try and take care of any potential problems before you find you and your family possibly are living in a home with no heating.

Furnace RepairRepairs and service work during high season can often be more expensive due to increased labor that is sometimes required and the availability of parts can sometimes be lower due to a higher demand. These are just some things to be aware of should you be thinking about giving someone a call during the summer months.

The greatest benefit by keeping a furnace maintained properly besides the money that can be saved on oil is the environmental impact is lowered. During a time of growing awareness about our ecological impact we have tried to reduce and minimize the ways we pollute certain chemicals into the atmosphere. Burning oil gives off a some pollution but burning more oil to achieve the same results as a properly maintained furnace is merely a waste and causes unnecessary pollution in our atmosphere. These types of benefits can sometimes seem trivial but they are important.

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