Feel the Heat This Winter with a New Radiant System

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Why Upgrade to a Radiant Heating System?

Welcome to the technology of radiant home heating systems. The system is the most efficient way to heat your home and reducing energy bills.

Radiant home heating systems operate quietly under the floors, in the ceilings and the walls. The thermal radiation distributes heat evenly throughout the house. Your feet will be delighted to walk on hardwood, stone, concrete and tile floors every day.
The noise from the vents and fans blow hot air loaded with dust, pet dander and allergens throughout the home. The heat from the radiators, will rise to the ceiling, and your feet and the floors are still cold.

How does a Radiant Heating System work?

The house has direct heat flowing through the ceiling, the floors and the walls, utilizing water and electricity.
The hot water method involves the installation of the piping with snap-in grids, or using panels with grooves, under the sub floor in the rooms of the house. The flexible piping can be anchored to aluminum strips and laid under the floors. The hot water heater or boiler circulates the water through the tubes.
The electrical method is often used for the kitchens and bathrooms.
The contractor installs electrical resistance wires that convert the electricity into heat, warming the rooms.

What are some of the down sides of Radiant Heating Systems?

The radiant heating system is out of sight and the problems will be hard to locate.
Hardwood floors might need repairs because they expand when warm and contract when they cool. This will cause gaps over the years and sections of the floor might have to be replaced. Plastic and laminated floors have slight heat limitations.
Radiant heating systems are expensive to install under an existing floor. The floor will have to be removed for the tubular piping or electrical system to be installed. The contractor will advise you on which type of floor has good qualities for conducting heat or should be replaced.

What repairs might be needed with Radiant Heating Systems?San Antonio Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems are quiet. If a noise is coming from the system, call the contractor for a diagnosis. Schedule a maintenance check with the professional contractor that installed your system. They will clean out any debris or residue that has settled in the pipes. The contractor will re-install wiring that may have corroded over time and extensive use of the heating system during extremely cold weather.
This radiant heating system is an efficient way to: reduces energy bills; operates quietly; warms the entire house throughly; reduces allergens; is out of sight; and there are small maintenance and repair issues.

With an upgraded radiant heating system in your San Antonio home, you’ll feel revitalized. Call Rosenberg HVAC at (210) 987-5587 today and see if a upgrading to a radiant system is right for you.