Can You Do Zoning with Smart Thermostats?

Lennox Smart Thermostats Most homes in the United States consist of multiple spaces or zoning areas for various purposes. For instance, you would have a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and even a home office. All these spaces need to be heated/cooled at different times. If you wake up in the morning and head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, you will prefer your kitchen to be warmer instead of the bedroom. When you head to your home office to accomplish some office tasks, you will want the home office to be warm and not the other spaces in your house.

Your Home Has Different Heating/Cooling Zones

Typically, most people spend their daily lives living in different zones but most homeowners in San Antonio, TX tend to treat their homes as one single cooling or heating zone. Today, most people want more control over their household temperature and their monthly bill, and that is why they will go for the highest quality HVAC equipment that their money can afford to purchase.

However, taking control of your household temperature means more than just top-quality HVAC systems, ducts, and vents. It means going for a heating or cooling unit that can learn your habits and sense your needs. This is where the idea of smart thermostats and zoning comes in. The big question among homeowners in the US has always been; can you do zoning with intelligent thermostats? The simple answer to this question is both yes and no. Let us have a look at the two most common ways of developing zones in your home and how smart thermostats can help you.

System-Based Zoning

System based zoning is a relatively simple idea to understand. Typically, you will use multiple heating and cooling systems to achieve multiple heating and cooling zones in your home. This means that you can control these systems individually depending on your preferences. With system-based zoning, you will need more than one thermostat. Although it may be expensive to implement system-based zoning, it is the most efficient way of achieving energy saving through zoning.

Sensor-Based Zoning

Sensor-based zoning works well with smart thermostats since you use different sensors to control the temperature in each heating/cooling zone. This method of zoning will only work well if you have a central smart thermostat that controls the overall temperature of your entire home (central heating/cooling system). The smart thermostat will record the temperature of the room that it is installed in and then heat or cool until it reaches the specific set point. However, the main challenge with this type of zoning will become apparent if your smart thermostat is installed in one of your largest zones such as your living room.

San Antonio Cooling Experts

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