Can Rain Damage Your HVAC System?

Most air conditioning systems rely on two units to get the job done, one installed indoors and another outdoors. The most common concern with house owners is if rain affects the air conditioning unit installed outside. Read on to learn more!

Can Rain Damage Your AC?

The concern of rain damaging your outdoor HVAC unit is a valid one. Fortunately, the units are designed to be exposed to different weather elements, so rain does not pose a significant threat. The air conditioner unit includes a panel to cover and protect it when it rains, so you shouldn’t worry about any damage. Be careful not to remove your electrical panel and leave it off in the rain to avoid letting large amounts of water in, as this would cause a problem.

How Rain Could Benefit Your Unit

You might be shocked to learn that rain aids in cooling the condensing coil, which is beneficial to your air conditioner. It also helps wash away dirt and dust that had formed on the coil and cooling fins. A clean ac unit dissipates heat more efficiently and is less likely to overheat.

As rain might be beneficial to homeowners who have neglected to clean their air conditioners, keep in mind that it does not replace a comprehensive cleaning performed by a professional.

Is Covering Your Air Conditioner Recommended?

You might’ve noticed covers on some of your neighbors’ outdoor air units. This is not something we would recommend. The wraps and covers can collect moisture and cause things like corrosion of your coil. With a cover on, the unit cannot receive proper air circulation.

If you must cover the unit, consult Rosenberg Plumbing & Air for the most appropriate advice. It is also advisable to have any other type of cover approved by your system’s manufacturer before using it.

Can Extreme Weather Cause Any Damage?

Air conditioners, despite their weather-friendliness, aren’t fully resistant to harm caused by extreme weather. The truth is that several things can go wrong with an air conditioner during severe storms that are worth keeping an eye on frequently.

The following are four frequent problems that severe storms can cause with an air conditioner.

1. Damage by Debris

Even though rain won’t harm the environment around an AC unit, the powerful winds that often accompany it will sweep unwanted items like leaves and tree branches into the fan grille of your condenser.
It is advisable to have a technician examine your unit for possible damages after a severe storm with strong winds to make sure everything is in order.

2. Flooding

Several rainwater inches should not harm your air conditioner, but standing water from flooding could. If the floodwaters are between 10 and 15 inches, the moving parts and electrical components should be safe.
However, if you’ve had more than that, you should have someone inspect your air conditioner to ensure there’s no water damage before switching it back on.

3. Unwelcome Guests

It’s important to realize that the damage is not only caused by high winds or floods. Critters will sometimes seek refuge in your air conditioner. If your unit isn’t operating during a storm because it’s winter or the temperatures have reduced to the point where you don’t need it, there’s a chance that a creature has taken up residence inside.

The stuff they choose for nesting can block your moving parts, and they could also nibble on the unit’s wires. It would be best to have a professional inspect your unit to ensure no critters are present.

4. Severe Storms

A severe rainstorm is frequently accompanied by elements like hail, tornado, lightning, etc. Unlike normal rainfall, hail can cause damage to your air conditioning unit. Lightning might also potentially cause damage to your device. Even though it’s unlikely to hit the unit directly, it could strike your home and cause electrical surges. A power surge can damage your home’s electronics and mechanical, including your AC unit. Consider installing a surge protector in your home to avoid such an issue.

Although you won’t be able to escape all of the weather’s problems, there are things you can do to limit the damage. Get your outdoor unit serviced annually or after a major storm to ensure that your outdoor unit is in good working condition!

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