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Air Handler Services San Antonio, TX

An air handler is a device that modulates and regulates how air is managed in an air conditioning system. The air conditioning system cannot function properly if the unit isn’t performing at its highest level. If damaged, air handlers should be serviced by trained professionals. At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort we provide our customers in and around San Antonio with the very best air handler solutions. From repairs to maintenance and everything in between, our cooling experts will help you get your air handler unit working in no time!

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What is an Air Handler?

Air handlers are considered one of the most important components of a heating or cooling system. The unit is found in a central unit box and is housed alongside an air filter, damper and blower. Air handlers contain a large blower supported by a motor that blows air through the ducts in the system.

What is the Importance of This Component?

Air handlers determine the amount of air circulated throughout the home. If the air conditioner’s air handler system is the right size, optimal levels of air are produced for the home. The air handler also determines energy efficiency. The better the air handler performs, the more efficient the air conditioning unit works.

Common Problem Signs

  • Slow circulation of air in the home
  • High energy consumption
  • Loss of temperature control
  • Excess strain on heating and cooling systems
  • Decrease in home air quality

As a result of the effects of a damaged air handler on your home, it is important to get professional help. Our experts can provide you with efficient air handler services including repairs, maintenance, and even replacements should the need arise.

What Are Common Problems That Cause Breakdowns?

When it comes to an issue with the air handler in your home, there are various conditions that can cause the problem. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Obstructed air flow: This is one of the most common reasons the air handler can fail. The air has to pass through the duct flow freely in order to prevent the air handler from processing air as designed.
  • Dirty coils: Another common problem is that the coils can become clogged with debris or dust. This usually happens when the air filter becomes aged or hasn’t been cleaned.
  • Damaged components: Noisy handlers result when the belt that is connected to the blower starts to gradually slip. The blower motor can also fail.

While these are not the only issues that may affect your air handler, they are the most common. When they occur, you should always seek professional repair to ensure that the issue is fixed in a timely and professional manner.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

When it comes to the components in your air conditioner, service is best left to the professionals. At Rosenberg Indoor Comfort we offer our customers top-notch air handler services. From repairs to maintenance to replacements, our staff has the skills and experience needed to get the job done.

Additionally, we stand behind our work. This means you receive the peace of mind you need knowing that our air handler services come backed by solid warranties and commitment to quality. Whether there is already an issue with your air handler, or you simply want to have it inspected, give our experts a call today.

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