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    AC Repair in Helotes, TXSummers in Helotes, TX, are known to get blazing hot, so you’ll want to make sure that your AC repair is up to date. It takes a trusted HVAC service technician to keep your system on track and to prevent your system from becoming less efficient due to a lack of air conditioner repair. No matter how large or small, issues concerning your air conditioner always deserve immediate attention.

    There are several signs that will indicate that your AC isn’t cooling correctly. Some warning signals are subtle, but they can indicate significant issues. Having these problems handled quickly could mean the difference between solving them in a day or requiring that your entire system be replaced.

    Signs You Need AC Repair

    Once your air conditioner begins to malfunction, there are a few things that will tell you it’s time to contact a professional. The first is the most obvious: your utility bills rising. In the summer, it’s generally accepted that the amount you pay for energy may increase. However, a large or unusual spike or even a gradual increase in your payments as months progress without maintenance can indicate that you have a steady or worsening issue.

    Another issue that you should address is any inconsistencies in the time that your system is on. Ideally, your system should begin to cool your home immediately after setting your desired temperature and then turn off once that level is reached. Unfortunately, some malfunctioning systems will cycle on and off frequently. Others will run constantly. Both of these scenarios may mean that your system needs HVAC service.

    The sounds that your system makes can also tell you that something in your system has come loose. Sounds that resemble rattling, shaking, or banging are all signs that your system may need repair, especially if they are loud.

    Some signs that you may need repair are more subtle and require you to investigate the cause actively.

    • Fluctuating temperatures
    • Poor air quality
    • Weak air
    • Increasing humidity

    Your Air Conditioning Repair Specialists

    Rosenberg Plumbing & Air has been servicing the community since 2003, solving HVAC-related issues with professionalism and courtesy. Conveniently located just minutes away from the intersection of Interstate 10 and 410, we aim to make the homes of our community more comfortable and stress-free. If you feel it may be time for your air conditioner repair, call us today.

    It’s always the right time to make sure your system continues to run perfectly. Call us to schedule a maintenance appointment. Is it time for your system to retire? Call us, and we’ll put you on the right track to owning a new air conditioning system. Are you not interested in cooling repairs? We also offer heating repairs.