7 Signs of an Inefficient HVAC Unit

7 Deadly Signs of an inefficient HVAC Unit

San Antonio Cooling Your HVAC system works hard to maintain a regular temperature inside your home. There are signs of an inefficient HVAC unit that could be costing you more money on repair bills.

Maintaining your HVAC system will help it run more efficiently and prevent some repairs. Read about the clues that let you know your HVAC unit is not up to par. You will also learn when to call a professional for help.

Refrigerant Too Low

This is a common problem that presents itself during the spring and winter months. You have the air conditioner turned on but it simply is not cooling your home.

Refrigerant problems require immediate professional help from your local HVAC contractor. You may have a leak that is preventing the refrigerant from cooling your home. Your HVAC contractor will repair the leak, and then charge the system with the right amount of coolant.

Thermostat Sensor Problems

The thermostat works hard to keep your home at a constant temperature. However, it does not last forever. If your HVAC system is not keeping the right temperature in your home, then the problem could be the thermostat.

A trained professional can come out and test your system to discover the problem. Update your system with a programmable thermostat to save more money on energy bills.

Poor Drainage

A blocked condensation line causes poor drainage that can cause damage to your HVAC system. It also causes mold, mildew and bacteria to grow in moist areas. This problem requires the expertise of a HVAC contractor.

Signs of poor drainage include standing water or leaks at the drain line. You must call a professional before water damage occurs either inside or outside of your home.

Clogged or Dirty Air Filter

This is one of the most common reasons for an inefficient HVAC system. You should change your filters at least every month during the summer and winter months. A dirty air filter is easy for the average homeowner to replace. If the filter is dirty enough, it can actually cause the HVAC system to stop working.

High Energy Bills

A common sign that you have a problem with your HVAC system’s efficiency can result in unusually high energy bills. If your bill suddenly goes up without warning, then you should contact a HVAC professional to inspect your system. A HVAC system that is running at a high level of efficiency should not cost a lot of money.

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